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These businesses handle the big jobs. Boats must come out of the water for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is to have the bottom painted with anti-fouling paint. Fiberglass boats that are not bottom painted or wait too long between paint jobs have a tendency to develop blisters that can lead to major structural damage. Most experts say every two years is the ideal schedule to have this done. This is a good time to check on your zincs, too. Other reasons for hauling a boat may be to paint the hull, do other major refurbishing of the boat or having a survey done of the boat.

California Delta Boat Yards Directory

Name Address Phone Information

Ament Marine Services 16040 Harbor Dr
Isleton, California
916.777.6830 Website
Bethel Harbor 3405 Harbor Road
Bethel Island, California
925.684.2141 Website
Bridgehead Marine Services 30 Fleming Lane
Antioch, California
Delta Boat Works 106 W Brannan Island Rd
Isleton, California
916.777.6462 Website
Delta Marine Services 1302 West Fremont
Stockton, California
Diablo Boat Works 2616 Taylor Rd
Bethel Island, California
Ladd's Marina 4911 West March Lane
Stockton, California
Marine Emporium 5993 Bethel Island Rd
Bethel Island, California
925.684.2330 Website
Pacific Boat Services 8090 Rio Blanco Rd
209.334.2127 Website
River City Boat Works 526 Galveston St
West Sacramento
916.777.5977 Website
Walton's Marine Repair 765 Beach Drive
Rio Vista, California